IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) is a certification program developed to independently assess the commitment of aviation stakeholders such as airlines, airports, cargo handling facilities, freight forwarders, and ramp handlers, to continuously improve their environmental and sustainability performance.

With environment and sustainability topics reaching the top of the agenda in the industry, IATA aims to lead the sustainability transformation by supporting the aviation supply chain improve their policies, practices, and sustainability performance.

IEnvA is a voluntary program based on globally recognized environmental and sustainability standards as well as industry best practices. It is a commitment to continually improving environmental sustainability.

IEnvA certification will allow you to:


  • Drive commercial success: Improving your sustainability performance as a company increases your asset value and mitigates reputation risk.
  • Build trust: IEnvA draws on IATA's proven track record of developing successful certification programs. Third party assessment assures you comply with IEnvA standards.
  • Deliver positive impact: IEnvA provides access to ready-to-use procedures, policies, templates and tools to assist your sustainability management, helping you incorporate a sustainability mentality into day-to-day decision making processes


IATA to expand Environmental Assessment Certification to Airports and GSPs. Read the press release.

Aiming to be a turn-key solution for sustainability management, IEnvA is a subscription-based program that includes key training, readiness workshop, and external assessment services for the company to implement and improve sustainable management practices. The subscription includes external assessments carried out by accredited independent IEnvA Assessment Organizations.

Four components that support achieving certification and continuous improvement

The IEnvA program supports your organization in all key areas to achieve certification and further improvement. After subscribing to the program, you will have access to training, readiness workshops, external assessment and if successfully passed, a certification.

The following approach is an integral element of the certification process:

  1. Training Courses: Provide your staff with both general IEnvA awareness training and IEnvA assessor training to help your company build the competency to achieve the certification. Your organization’s staff that participates and successfully completes the relevant training courses are provided with certificates.
  2. Readiness Workshop: Prepare for external assessment with the support of our experts. Review the standards and recommended practices with practical examples to be implemented. Comprehensive feedback will be provided, including a gap analysis and a detailed list of the specific areas of improvement.
  3. Assessment: An accredited Independent Assessment Organization will conduct an external assessment of compliance against iENVA Standards and Recommended Practices.
    - First an external assessment is carried out based on the selected scope chosen by the company, establishing findings and observations.
    - Second, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is developed to be addressed by the company and approved by the Assessor.
  4. Certification: Upon successful completion of the external assessment, the organization is added to the iENVA registry and a certificate is issued. Quality Assurance procedures may take place during an external assessment and the periods between external assessment.


External assessment and re-certification take place every two years. It includes a refresher training and a re-validation to check and ensure continued compliance with the program's standards.

iENVA Registry

> See the list of certified iENVA organizations


For more information on IATA Environmental Assessment program and how to start your IEnvA journey, please find the following documents:

For airlines, more documentation can be accessed on the FlyAware IEnvA community

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