​Over the past three decades, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) have transformed the air travel market, disrupting the traditional world of the legacy flag-carriers, and creating a revolution in air travel service.

​​IATA programs, ranging from areas as diverse as safety, security and environment, aim to shape the future growth of a safe, secure and sustainable air transport industry. Our lobbying efforts, training programs and innovative products are designed for all models of airlines, including Low Cost Carriers.

Find out what are the benefits of becoming an IATA member and a range of products and services suitable to LCCs.


Member airlines pay only for what they need and benefit from a wide range of products and services that are free of charge or discounted up to 50%. There are already 65 companies operating a business model that differs from Full Service Network out out of IATA's 300 current members. Find out more about IATA membership benefits.

“We are pleased to be an IATA member, as this global association leads innovation, safety and value creation in the airline industry, supporting the highest industry standards.” Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO, Volotea.

“One of the benefits we enjoy from our membership, is our ability to influence IATA’s advocacy strategy. This in turn has enabled JetBlue to benefit from smarter and less onerous government regulations in the US and our other markets.” Robin Hayes, CEO, JetBlue.

“Joining IATA will allow us to share and learn best practices among IATA members to further enhance our safety and security standards. We trust that IATA will continue to lead and work with all members to address, not only existing, but new challenges arising from safety as well as sustainability,"  Leslie Thng, CEO, Scoot.

​​Popular products and services for Low Cost Carriers

IATA solutions designed to improve efficiency

  • Timatic Solutions enable airlines to securely manage the passenger document verification process to ensure compliance with border control rules and regulations. Timatic can be integrated with airline apps or into check-in and booking systems.
  • iiNET is an electronic data exchange and data distribution service that enables industry partners to communicate time sensitive information in a secure, reliable and cost-effective environment.
  • Airline Consulting our teams can assist in key areas to identify and develop cost-effective solutions to improve operational efficiency and profitability, while meeting environmental commitments.
  • The CORSIA Center is designed to assist airlines with CORSIA reporting. Users also have access to analytical dashboards and benchmark reports that provide valuable insights on fuel, emissions and operational efficiency.

Financial services

  • The IATA Financial Gateway provides a consolidated and cost-efficient solution for airlines and travel suppliers to optimize their different sales payment processes, irrespective of their distribution networks, business models or payment methods. It gives airlines the ability to reduce payment costs and ensure a seamless payment experience.
  • Card payment fraud is estimated to amount to over one billion dollars a year in the airline industry. IATA Perseuss is the world's leading platform for fraud intelligence, allowing airlines and other merchants to cooperate to identify and fight fraudulent schemes.
  • The Ticket Tax Box Services are a global reference to identify taxes, fees and charges levied on passenger air tickets
  • All financial services for airlines

Business Intelligence services

Business intelligence support a wide range of airlines' business decisions, ranging from operational to strategic, including safety. IATA Statistics provides the best and most timely statistics solutions covering total markets, including low-costs carriers.

Business intelligence solutions particularly designed for low cost carriers:


Most popular analysis:


IATA is your trusted source for industry standards and best practices guidelines. The top three best-selling Publications for LCCs are:

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations are now available as a convenient Web Download for mobile device.
  • The Airport Handling Manual is the definitive source for the latest industry-approved policies and standards covering a safe and efficient airport operations. The AHM is now available in mobile media format allowing you to access it on non-PC devices such as smart tablets.
  • The IATA Ground Operations Manual is your definitive source for the latest industry-approved standards harmonizing ground handling processes and procedures for frontline personnel. The ICOM is now available across multiple devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets.
  • All Publications


Training courses & programs

IATA Training offers flexible training solutions in a classroom, distance learning, virtual or in-company format to meet all budgets and needs. The most attended training courses by LCCs are:


  • Root Cause Analysis methods are crucial in the investigation of accidents and incidents and in preventing recurrent audit non-conformities.
  • Fatigue Risk Management System: Stay up-to-date on the latest information on fatigue, and how to mitigate the effect of fatigue on aviation safety.
  • Human Factors in Aviation teaches you to integrate Human Factors knowledge into key areas of aviation operations.


  • Aviation Security Management: In the changing landscape of criminal attacks on civil aviation the role of the Security Manager is vital in assuring efficient and compliant operations.
  • Security Management System: Understand the structure and components of the SeMS and how to build a performance-based SeMS that produces measurable and auditable results.

Quality Management

  • QMS for Airlines: Learn the key regulatory and operational requirements for designing and controlling an efficient QMS.

Many more training options