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Simplify, standardize and modernize connectivity

Cargo Connect aims at simplifying, standardizing and modernizing connectivity with and between the Cargo Community Systems (CCSs). It will promote digital collaboration and enable efficiency by creating a stronger alliance between airlines, freight forwarders and distribution partners. The main deliverable of Cargo Connect is the EPIC solution.

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Nowadays, there are more than 40’000+ freight forwarders exchanging electronic information with 450 airlines mainly through 23 third party messaging service providers called Cargo Community Systems (CCSs). In order to be able to exchange data electronically each freight forwarder needs to have an ID (on branch level) which is distributed with the partner airline.

Today, IDs are created and manually distributed by CCSs, and are CCS-specific following a standard created in 1995. This means that each time a freight forwarder changes CCS, its IDs have to change, taking weeks and dedicated staff to do it. This not only obstructs freight forwarder operations but also consumes hours of work and generated a lack of transparency, visibility and harmonization in the CCSs connectivity.


With help from the Cargo Digital Connectivity Working Group (CDCWG), the key objective of Cargo Connect will be to:

  • Establish industry digital connectivity standards & procedures
  • Promote & support digital collaboration between airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, IT companies and other stakeholders involved in the air cargo supply chain