The 61st IATA Annual General Meeting was held in Tokyo from 29-31 May 2005.

The context

While we have seen an encouraging traffic resurgence around the globe, fuel prices have undermined hopes for overall airline financial recovery. It's been another test of our industry's ability to deal with crises. And it has underlined the need to keep driving costs out of the business.

En-Route to a "Low Cost" Industry

For Customers A simplified, transparent product that retains the value of the network.
For Airlines A continued drive for greater cost efficiency.
For Partners Targets for improved efficiency to match airline productivity gains.
For Governments Regulation that allows airlines to operate as real global businesses.
For Labour Aligning expectations and practices to the new industry reality.
For Environment Further enhancing performance with measures that work.


State of the Air Transport Industry by IATA's Director General & CEO, Giovanni Bisignani

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