The Industry Financial Advisory Council shall act as advisor to the Board of Governors, the Director General, other Advisory Councils, IATA management and other relevant IATA bodies on matters concerning industry financial services and standards, and related policy aspects.

More information on the Industry Financial Advisory Council mandate in the Rules & Regulations of the Advisory Councils (pdf).

Working Groups and Task Force

A number of Working Groups and Task force support the Industry Financial Advisory Council:

Stream 1: Airline Retailing Finance Implications


  • Airline Retailing for Finance Working Group 
  • Payment Strategy for Finance Working Group 

Stream 2: Financial Services Present and Future


  • Industry Financial Services Working Group
  • IATA Clearing House (ICH) Working Group
  • SIS Steering Group

Stream 3: Industry Taxation and Sustainable Finance


  • Industry Taxation Working Group
  • Sustainable Finance Task Force (joint with SEAC)