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An inaugural flight receving a water salute at an airport as part of an air service development success
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5 September 2023

Guide: How to Win Airlines - 3 Essential Factors Airports Need to Create a Successful Business Case

Air Service Development is a complex and challenging process that requires careful preparation, research, and good communication. As you know, the key to success is building positive and mutually beneficial relationships with airlines.

Whether you're trying to attract new airlines, increase flight frequency, or expand the network of existing carriers, it all comes down to creating a strong business case. But how do you actually do that? How can you show off the potential and appeal of your airport? And what kind of data should you include?

To help you, IATA has interviewed Network & Schedule Experts working at airlines. These experts were interviewed to determine what airlines prioritize when considering airport alliances and what successful airports have in common. Drawing from this research, we have identified three essential factors that are vital for cultivating, maintaining, and nurturing successful airport-airline partnerships.

Unlock the 3 essential factors for a compelling business case in air service development.


Expanding your air service network is not only a strategic goal but also a competitive advantage. By connecting with more regions and markets, you can leverage your airport’s unique strengths and opportunities, optimize your revenue streams from passengers and ancillaries, and create positive impacts for your community and economy.

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